Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the Circle t-shirts for her real friends.

Evelyn  decide to provide In the Circle t-shirts for her real friends. This season will definitely be interesting.
Evelyn is capitalizing on reality TV, with DRAMA shirts. What are your thoughts? Clearly,  Jennifer is not in the circle.  Or did Evelyn USPS her BFF a t-shirt?

Shaunie O’Neal had a belated birthday celebration in Miami over the past weekend, and an eye witness at the gathering claims there was a crazy confrontation between Jennifer Williams and her (former?) BFF Evelyn Lozada!
According to the witness, as Shaunie was celebrating her birthday at Philippe Chow, guests Evelyn and Jen got into an intense verbal argument, which ended with Evelyn allegedly hitting Jennifer on the top of the head with a clutch purse! After more harsh words, the two were separated. We’re told VH1′s cameras were rolling and the entire incident was caught on tape.
On December 10th Shaunie and Tami Roman, who is also a cast member, tweeted to each other about the party being “interesting and epic.”
Viewers of the show have watched Eve and Jen’s close friendship slowly fall apart, namely due to the fact that Jennifer went public with some not so nice comments about Evelyn’s fiance Chad Ochocinco. Jennifer and Evelyn also no longer follow each other on Twitter.
If you love drama, then you are going to love when the season debuts in February 2012.
Calls to Jennifer and Evelyn’s reps were not returned.

(Source): Bossip

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