Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Review: PeppermintChic

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Everyone needs the ability to take their look from day to night, drab to fab and even cheap to chic. Our collection of FUNFUNKYOF-THE-MOMENT styles will bring the Chic out of everyone. We understand that fashion jewelry is about just that, FASHION, and should change with the trends found each season on the runways and each day on the city streets. PeppermintChic was founded to help eliminate the leg work when trying to find UNIQUE fashion jewelry that doesn’t break the bank. We aim to keep our fashion high and our prices low to help all of our Peppermint Chicstas stay Chic…everyday and in every way.
Because…everyone deserves a little chic.™

I received: 


Unleash your inner warrior princess! Beaded chains draped together to form a unique piece. Picture does no justice...have to see in person. Tribal has a little weight  but, not to heavy. 

18 Holes

Bold, unique drop earrings available in brushed gold or silver.  Simple and light weight.

Bon Temps

Work your magic in these Shamballa-style bracelets! Super cute, small and light weight. I have brown and gold. 

My thoughts: PeppermintChic offer  Of-the-moment fashion jewelry and accessories in the latest trends. With a bold & unique flare. Also, trendy and affordable. A conversation piece.

Packaging: standard
Price: affordable
Customer service: professional
My favorite: Tribal necklace...brown and gold color. Perfect, casual neck wear for a  night out, work  or church.

PeppermintChic has a special Valentine treat, $50 gift voucher  to www.PeppermintChic.com
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