Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The “Buzz”.... words in your arsenal


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Know "what not to say"

 Promotional words:
free, coupon, deal, bundle, discount, giveaway, hurry, shipping, $, register, shop, sample, savings, freebies, hop, off!, earn, winner, cash, promotion, guarantee, guaranteed, order, win, swagbucks, coupons, deals, winner, winners, cheap, rafflecopter, prize, off!!, off!!!, contest, sponsor, %, giveaways, g!ve, give@way, qpon  Source

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Know "what to say"
Words with  power.Safe List:

  • absolute, acclaim; adaptable, advantages, affordable, analysis, antique, appalling, astounding
  • authentic, beacon, benefit, bold, breakthrough, classic, clever, compact, convenient, critique
  • custom-made, daring, dazzling, delightful, dependable, destiny, discount, discussion, distinctive
  • durable, economical, efficient, evaluate, every day events, exclusive, expert, exquisite, extensive
  • extraordinary, extreme, ate, favorite, feature-packed, findings, flair, flawless, flexible, forge
  • genuine, half-priced, handy, helpful, high-quality, honorable, how-to, in a class by itself, indulge
  • inexpensive, influential, informative, ingenious, innovative, invaluable, investigation, lead
  • low-priced, luxurious, magic, magical, muscle, museum-quality, new, nostalgic, one of a kind
  • opinion, optional, organic, outrageous, overwhelming, patriotic, phenomenal, piece of art, plan
  • policy Source   
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