Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Credit is All You Need!

For the past couple of years, we have been completely credit card free. This was not so much a decision that was made out of free will, but more out of necessity. Truth be told, we got way over our heads and could not afford to pay them any more. This is a very scary position to be in and one we do not ever intend to be in again. The old adage, I will pay for it with credit now and then just pay it off next month was something we said way too often but then never had the money to pay it off the following month. When you are down to one salary and having a hard time making ends meet as it is, you will probably not all of a sudden have extra money the following month to pay a credit card debt.

This is the very reason why I have become a huge fan of prepaid Visa cards. These are a great option for having money available via a credit card, but without having to pay it back since you have already funded that card. You can set up an account such as PayPal, your paycheck or even tax refunds to load directly on to this card and then use it for your needs.

What I do is have a specific account I do a little bit of work with each month directly load right on to this card. It is not enough to do much on a monthly basis, but by allowing it to just accumulate all year long I have the funds I need for holiday gift buying. This has been a huge help to me since, even though I know Christmas is coming up, I am never prepared financially. I also, love the fact that I am not starting off the New Year with a huge debt owed for all the Christmas shopping I did the previous months.

What are your thoughts on credit cards and prepaid credit cards?

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