Monday, April 15, 2013

Resource Funding with #Crowdfunding

10 Jobs You Can Get Without a Graduate Degree

These 10 jobs offer solid employment opportunities and good salaries without a costly graduate degree!

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Money is said to be the root of all evil. Especially, when debt arise. Don't worry crowd unite would like to help with funds. By offering various platform options for your needs. Read below to find out more.

About CrowdsUnite

CrowdsUnite is a website to help bring order and transparency to the crowdfunding platforms. If you count all the equity, debt, reward, and donation platforms there are more than 700 platforms globally. Every week new ones are created for specific demographic, region or category. This website categorizes all platforms to make it easy to find and review.

Requesters – People who want to raise money

We unite people who want to raise money with the best possible platform for their purpose. We categorizes all platforms and allows users to filter, sort, and compare them. Each website profile has reviews and articles that explain more about that particular platform.

Givers – People who are giving money

CrowdsUnite provides validation for platforms by having reviews and articles about it. People who are interested in giving money for a particular cause but are cautious of the platform the cause is in can easily look up the platform on our site. On the profile’s page givers can read reviews see recent news articles about the platform.

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Great resource  for start up or kick starter campaigns looking for funds. Each platform has detailed information for requester or givers. Also, direct communication through networking outlets and email.

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