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-sp Borax “Greener” Cleaning Power! 7/7

All-Natural Detergent Booster with Odor Control

Borax is a multipurpose household cleaner and a family favorite that has been round since 1913, originating from California. Borax is the prevalent name for sodium tetraborate: a routinely occurring matter produced by the recurring evaporation of cyclic lagoons. 100% natural, and 99.5% untainted. When taken from the ground it is washed, dehydrated, and boxed for purchasers. In previous times, borax was proclaimed to be a magical crystal that was utilised to help digestion, contain milk sugary and even cure epilepsy. Now, Families use it to soak and clean diapers and other laundry, but it’s furthermore a component in cosmetics, medicines, ceramics and construction components.
Green Cleaning Tip with Borax 
Bathroom/Kitchen floors:
Bucket of warm water, teaspoon of dishawaing liquid, and about 1/3 cup of borax.
Bug repellant:
Mix with sugar and sprinkle round frig and stove to deterrant ants.
Odors and Stains:
  • Laundry- Add 1/2 cup to boost laundry. Also, aid in removal of  odor and stains
  • Bathroom:-urinal add less than 1/2 cup of borax in your toilet, let sit, then brush round toilet bowl edges. This will furthermore help deodorize. Tub/shower add 1/2 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of water to a spray bottle and spray Tub/Shower, let sit then, resume normal cleaning
Refrigerator (deodorizer):
Dissolve 2 table spoons in 2 quarts of moderately warm water. Then swab down the interior and exterior of frig. Also, swab down stove tops.

My thoughts:
“Greener” cleaning Power! 
 Water + simple household items  and a little scrubbing are often the solution to effective green cleaning. EX: Water & Vinegar, Water& Baking Soda and Water and Borax. I was satisfied with final results. Borax aids in everyday cleaning without the usage of harsh chemicals.

Significant note: Keep 20 Mule Borax out of reach of young kids. We also suggest labeling any containers encompassing 20 Mule Borax to recognize the contents.


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The powdery substance is very fine therefore it creates a dust

Do you have any have any green cleaning borax tips? Please, share them below!

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