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-sp Its That Easy: Online Marketing - Simplified!

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Stop procrastinating and evolve with content that drives traffic. Numerous believe it’s as very simple as a simple blog post and you’re done. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and I'm here to tell you, great content drives traffic.

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I was given the opportunity to share with readers 

 “It’s That Easy: Online Marketing 3.0”  


Product/Service description:
It's That Easy - Online Marketing 3.0 is a collaborative project spearheaded by one of Australia's leading online business voices, Ludwina Dautovic and Kizzi Nkwocha from Mithra Publishing in the UK.
 (Ludwina Dautovic 2012)

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Easy Online Quiz

Perfect the art of story telling. Then, utilize your social influence to distribute. This will help build a strong reputation as a creditable source. Therefore, leading to increased brand awareness and potential lead generation

Want to connect and engage your audience? In chapter 1 Julia Delany share information on mobile apps add how to generate income from usage. You can find out more details here:

Face It, Insight Is Reality!

Don't believe me? Check your Google analytic's. Also, the book discuss the importance of  SEO and effective marketing for optimization and I have to agree 100% that effective marketing generate traffic.

SEO Tips:
  •  Social bookmark or social share
  • Use No Follow for Sponsored Post
  • Know about (TOS) on popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedn Instagram and  Pinterest.
  • Are you in compliance with Disclosure/(FTC) rules and regulations?
  • Ping!
    Ludwina Dautovic created a simple Business Advisor Quiz and I have provided a comprehensive sample.

     Complete, analyze and see how your business measures up with competitors and Online Marketing.
    • Why did you establish your business?
    • How does your business fit into the relevant industry?
    • Do you have a Marketing Plan?
    • What other businesses do your customers use?

    How will you promote your released content in order to propel traffic to it?

      My final thoughts:  Marketing can be as easy as supporting your content by sharing via social media! Why spend endless hours researching and organizing content for publishing without a simple marketing plan? I would suggest taking advantage of technology!

      Before starting an online campaign I would recommend reading this book.

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      It’s That Easy: Online Marketing 3.0,” Australia 2012. 

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