Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stepping In Swedish Style

Disclosure: I got this product free in exchange for an honest review.

Clogs are stylish, fashionable and comfortable and when we say “Swedish Clogs” then nothing can be best that this. Swedish clogs are known for their designs, colors, styles, comfort and fashionable look. Be it a man or a woman, Swedish clogs are for everyone. You can buy clog sandals or clog boots to meet the latest trend while going out this chilling winter. you want to enjoy the fall in chilling winter wear Swedish clogs that not only add style to your dress but also protect your feet from being affected by ice and chill breeze. Yes, you can choose the color and design per your dress at, as the site provides a variety of options to choose from for men and women. If you love heel, you can choose clogs with heel and if you want flat clogs, you will get the same at too. They are bendable, which makes them comfortable when you sit bending your knees or the way, you need to bend shoes. It is all about comfort when you buy shoes and Swedish clogs at will ensure you with comfort and style will come free. With these shoes, you can welcome cold with full warmth of your heart, as you are ready to feel the chilling winters

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Price: $219.00

  • Light Weight
  • Suede
  • Wood Base
  • True Size
  • Customizable
  • Quality Products with Poor Craftsmanship
  • No Insole Support
  • No Affiliate Program

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My thoughts: First, I would like to say that in general I like the trendy Swedish look. Unfortunately, I don't know if the particular shoe that I received was detective or just poor craftsmanship. Basically, the top portion of the shoe is suede and the bottom is wood. In other words you're walking on wood (no support). I would not recommend the shoe to others because it's not worth the foot pain or money.

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