Saturday, January 11, 2014

Everyone Loves Cheribundi Tart Cherry Refresh Juice And Tea Blends

Cherries are not just bright in colour and good in taste but they offer an array of health benefits as well. Here are the hidden benefits of cherry that may make you use cherry if you are not liking them:

Reduce Belly Fat
Cherries help reducing the cholesterol level and accumulating extra fat cells that cause belly fat. Cherries are rich in anti-oxidant properties, which do not let fat to accumulate in our body.

Keeps gout away
Gout attack is something that gives us a lot of pain with swollen toes etc. Nobody wants to have gout attack and cherry helps in that. It reduces the risk of gout and for this, you do not need to add a large number of cherries in your life. 10 to 15 cherries each day or a cup of cherry juice is enough to keep you away from gout.

Beats tiredness After a tedious job whole day, we feel tired and uncomfortable, as we have no energy to do any task that we have to do after work. Walking down the stairs, moving from one department to other etc. are some activities that make us tired and by end of the day, we are completely sucked. Cherries help us get energy and say bye bye to tiredness.

Joint Pain – No More
Joint pain hurts a lot especially in old age. Due to joint pain, we cannot do anything perfectly. We cannot bend down, we cannot walk effectively and we cannot take stairs. Why suffer from joint pain when nature has given us a natural source to keep our joints working without any pain. Yes, cherry is a good solution for joint pain. Add cherries in your daily life style and say no to joint pain. 

Less Risk of Stroke
Due to busy life style, stress and unhealthy eating habits, people are being more prone to stokes. A large number of deaths are reported each year due to stroke. Plus, the treatment is costly. Cherries provide cardiovascular benefits hence adding them to daily meal or when taking treatment of stroke is a good idea. Cherries help controlling fat levels in blood and thereby, help controlling strokes.

A good night
When a night can be considered a good night? When you take a deep sleep without any stress then we can say that night was a good one. Cherries help balancing hormones level in the body thereby, helps you get a nice sleep. And, you know when we have a nice sleep, we wake up fresh the next morning and start a good day with fresh mood, which is much for a good start.

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Tart Cherry
Ultimate Antioxidant
Supports Restful Sleep 
Numerous Health Benefits

  • I couldn't find in my local grocery store
My thoughts:  This juice is very refreshing and good for the entire family. Low in calories with great health benefits. I wish I could have found in my local grocery. I invite all the cherry fruit lovers to try this produce. It's simply amazing!

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