Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Valentine #SweetTreats! | Only 4 Ingredient Recipes

Are You Celebrating Valentine's Day on A budget?

The day is coming once again when you would like to get some flowers, chocolates, and greetings to your beloved. I am sure that you know the day I am talking of. Yes, it is Valentine day.

The day is for everyone and can be celebrated within a budget by being a Frugal Valentine or asking your beloved to be your Frugal Valentine. Do not have a budget to buy costly gift? No worries, give her (if you are man) or give him (if you are a woman) something prepared with love mingling with your time and skills.

Some of the ideas may include:
• Collect flowers from your garden and create a bouquet with your hands, add your photo and a message of love
• Prepare a delicious cake with your own hands in shape of a heart and attach beautiful message.

Also, check out these awesome Valentine Sweet Treat recipes below
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