Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tech Necessities for School (Part One)

Tech Necessities for School (Part One)

Electronic Gadgets

It's that time once more! While everyone is packing their backpacks, we begin to realize that it's more than just pencils and folders these days! Whether you are just starting out in school or you are in your senior year in college, sooner or later you will most likely be using technology in more ways than one! Thanks to the ever changing technology available today, everyday students can take their lessons with them on the move and access an entire library in the palm of their hand.

Students can chat with classmates from anywhere and create dynamic papers and projects with ease. Check out some of the best rated tech products available today that will make your school year a much more pleasant experience!

HP (Hewlett-Packard) - Scientific Calculator, solar scientific calculator, financial calculator,

For those times when you need a logical, accurate, and dependable answer... this scientific calculator by HP will surely come in handy.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) - Scientific Calculator - $9.99, 4.99 shipping - Available at Marketplace

Back to School Tech Necessities, apple tablet, iPad tablet, silver touchscreen tablet

In this modern Information Age, computers are necessities in life and tablets are one of the best ways to have all the knowledge you need... that fits in the palm of your hand! Check out some of the latest and greatest tablets available that will fit your needs.

Apple - iPad Air 9.7" 16 GB Wi-Fi Silver Tablet (iOS 7, LCD Touchscreen, 2048x1536, 10 Hours) - $459.00, Free shipping - Available at

Back to School Tech Necessities, 16 GB black smartphone Verizon, apple smartphone

Stay connected to friends and family PLUS take photos of your teachers study notes in an instant to use as a study guide for later... you can even download a daily planner app to stay organized with either of these great smartphones by Samsung and Apple.

Samsung - Galaxy S5 16GB Black Smartphone - Verizon - $599.99, Free shipping - Available at

Back to School Tech Necessities, white apple iPhone 5s

Apple - iPhone 5s - $199.00, Free shipping - Available at Apple Store

Back to School Tech Necessities, laptop, notebook,

Nothing is better than a great laptop or notebook when it comes to storing files and keeping important documents for school work and more.

Asus 15.6" Notebook - K550LA-DS71-CA - $779.99, 19.95 shipping - Available at preloadmypc

Back to School Tech Necessities, gaming laptop computer

Dell - Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop Computer - $1399.00, Free shipping - Available at Dell Home Systems

Back to School Tech Necessities, canon wireless office all in one, wireless printer

This Canon Pixma MX472 is your perfect all-in-one printer.

Canon - PIXMA MX472 WIRELESS OFFICE ALL-IN-ONE - $69.90 (34% off), Free shipping - Available at

Back to School Tech Necessities, fash drive, data drive, USB flash drive, GB flash drive

When you are using portable technology, USB flash drives are your friend! Like this 8 GB USB Flash Drive available at the Microsoft Store.

Kingston - DataTraveler SE9 8 GB USB Flash Drive - $12.99, Free shipping - Available at Microsoft Store

I hope that you enjoyed part one of my 'back-to-school' tech necessities list... Stay tuned for part two. From the list above, what do you think you would be able to use during the school year and how would you use it? Sound off in the comments below!

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