Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best Of Fall Foodie Gifts

Oh So Tasty Gourmet Food Tour 

on 9/29/2014

Fall brings us cooler climate and a wealth of colorful harvest. Anyway that is not by any means the only thing that fall brings us! Fall additionally implies occasional foods and wonderful treats for our taste buds. If you are searching for some truly extraordinary fall food gifts for loved ones, take a heavenly voyage through these fall foodie blessings.

Free Fall Samples

Make a lasting impression, saying 'Thank you', or selecting a gourmet gift basket that will surely please the crowd.

Thanks for checking out my taste of fall foodie gifts! 
What is your favorite on the list?
Pumpkin Pie gourmet, holiday pie, comfort pie, Sunday pie, delicious pie, yummy pie, nomnom, pie, orange pie, homemade pie - Pumpkin Pie - $32.99, 22.00 shipping - Available at

Fall Bakery Assortment gourmet

Cheryl's - Fall Bakery Assortment - FALL BAKERY ASSORTMENT - LARGE - $79.99, 16.99 shipping - Available at Cheryl's

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