Sunday, September 14, 2014

Want A Thriving Business? Focus On Bloggers

Consider working with bloggers to gain more exposure.


Bloggers and social media users are making money online and you can too. Join "marketing-savvy" networks that connect brands and bloggers to write an informative post via blog or share pinterest, facebook, twitter, instagram to gain social media awarness with consumers

Tip #1 

Join blogger networks for compensated blog post, discounts, deals, social shares, giveaways, product reviews, rewards and perks.

Tip #2

1. Research all blog topics, descriptions keywords and metatags
2. Catchy title
3. Enhance post with 1 or 2 affiliate links.
4. Minimum 200 or 300 word count
5. Spell check and correct grammer
6. Disclosure
7. Use no follow for duplicate/shared content. Ex: Giveaways
8. Post should fit blog niche
9. Be honest and genuine

A win, win situation for brands and bloggers.

Exposure = Traffic

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