Sunday, May 24, 2015

How To Budget At Disney

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Disney Dollars:

When it comes to kids and money, we all know what happens. The money either gets spent the wrong way, or it gets lost. With Disney Dollars and Disneyland Merchandise cards, you may be able to cut down on some of this.

Disney Dollars work just like cash at Disneyland. They can be used anywhere in the park, and at certain hotels. They can even be used at local Disney stores in your area. The Disneyland Merchandise Card works more like a credit card. The amount of money you load on the card is how much is available. All of this fits quite nicely into the FreePass holder, so there will be less chance of losing the dollars or the card.

You can also purchase a Disneyland Resort Gift Card. This card can only be
used at the Disney Resorts, as well as stores that accept credit cards at Disneyland. These cards also make great gift items for anyone who loves Disneyland, or for anyone who is planning a trip to Disneyland. This is a great way to budget money for souvenirs as well as snack items while at Disneyland.

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