Monday, August 3, 2015

A SECRET WORTH SHARING | #StressBetter #StressSweat

Tackle Life's Stressful Moments Like A Pro

*Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample from to review but all opinions are my own.

 #upsAndDowns, clearlybetter, deoderant coupon, deoderant reviews, perspiration problem, perspiration cure, perspiration deodorant, sweat in winter, scented deodorant, stress sweat problemDo you have a perspiration problem? Do you sweat even in winters and has the odor caused an embarrassment? Or do you have a stress sweat problem, which makes you uncomfortable before that important meeting or during that first date with the girl/boy of your dreams? Do you wish for a product which will rid you of the “Sweaty Affair”? 

Then you must try the secret clinical strength’s completely clean invisible solid deodorant.

It is a clean scented deodorant that comes in solid form. A 1.6 oz. bottle costs $ 7.99. It provides odor protection that lasts 48 hours long .It has a very clean and non-overpowering fragrance.

The deodorant is recommended by doctors and provides 4X protection from sweat as compared to any ordinary antiperspirant. The odor fighting capsules absorb odor all day long.This deodorant goes on dry and stays dry for that lasting all day freshness. It leaves you with a very fresh, clean feeling. For optimal performance, it should be applied at bedtime. A light layer is recommended. It does not leave any stains on your clothing so apply away!

A word of caution: Before use test on a small patch under the armpit to check for any allergy or irritation.

  • 4x protection
  • Long lasting
  • Dr recommended
  • No stain

Cons:  N/A

Final Thought: Clinical strength’s, completely clean invisible solid deodorant, provides wetness protection and helps you lead a sweat free life. So try it, stop worrying about the odor, let it add to your confidence level, relax and come out as a winner.

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