Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This amazing app shares the ads revenues with its users,

The Power Of Sharing 

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The new app "Wowapp" shares the ads revenues with its users, just like TSU, it is free to join free to use. There is no investment to be made financially. You can just join and start chatting with your friends whom you invited to your network. It is invite only and you are being rewarded for your own chats and the people you invited. It goes 8 levels down (Tsu's structure goes 4 levels down)
Cash Out limit is 20 dollars, you are earning "wowcoins" daily from your chats and the people's chat in your network. You don't have to click anything to earn money, just think about chatting with your friend on Facbook messenger and you are earning revenue for that, because you are seeing advertisements on the top part of your chat screen on wowapp. You can withdraw your money via Paypal, bank account or credit card. Also there are more than 2000 charities from 110 different countries, so if money is your least concern you can always donate your earnings to charities.

I would appreciate if you consider using my invitation to join, please click the link and create your own account :

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