Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Afrikan Republic" at NaturalHairLatina 4/30

I was given the opportunity  to share  this awesome giveaway. Golden Shea Butter Cream and Green Tea  with Tea Tree oil (Cream) by AfriKan Republic

Golden Shea Butter Cream-All natural Shea Butter Cream made with our real Golden Shea Butter imported from the African nation of Ghana. Green Tea  with Tea Tree oil (Cream)-Made with natural green tea extract and tea tree oil

Afrikan Republic Green Tea Cream with Tea Tree Oil is a necessary addition to your daily skin care regimen. Green tea contains ECGC - an antioxidant 200 times stronger than Vitamin E. Tea tree oil's antibacterial properties promote natural skin health and fights blemishes and acne.Perfect for daily application over your entire face and body Afrikan Republic Green Tea & Tea Tree Cream contains all the necessary ingredients to lighten, tighten and tone for radiant noticeable skin.
You'll never want to use another Shea butter cream again. Scented with essential oils.
  Quality product, at a reasonable price!

Us only!
*All entries verified 

One winner
-Golden Shea Butter Cream 8 oz
-Green Tea Cream with Tea Tree Oil 4 oz
*All entries verified

Good Luck Everyone!!

Source: From company website  Afrikan Republic  (Italic)
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