Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Keep Your Tresses Beautiful by Eating the Right Foods

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 Sierra Paige One

Keep Your Tresses Beautiful by Eating the Right Foods

Whether you have thin hair or thick hair sometimes it can be challenging keeping your locks looking their best. Even though regular hair care plays a big part in taking care of your locks, what you eat also effects how your hair looks too. Here are some foods that you should consider eating more of to keep your locks looking lovely and shiny:

Salmon is filled with Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This type of fish is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, which are perfect for your scalp’s health. It also is packed full of vitamin B12 and iron. Without omega 3 fatty acids your skin and hair can look lifeless so it’s best to eat food with these type of nutrients to promote healthy and shiny hair.

Dark Green Vegetables Contain Vitamins A and C

Vegetables that are dark green contain vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and C. Sebum comes from these vitamins which in turn keeps your hair healthy and soft. Essentially these vitamins create a natural conditioner for your hair which will make your hair look luscious and also feel incredibly soft.

Supplements Promote Hair Growth

If your hair is in need of extra care, why not head to your local vitamin store either online or nearby your home? Finding supplements that will enhance your health and the health of your hair will result in shiny tresses that you will be proud to show off.

Paige One enjoys writing about a variety of topics, from fashion to fitness. Find supplements and more at stores like Nature’s Best and maintain your shiny locks!

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