Friday, December 7, 2012

RT Blogger Opportunity & Submit an Event

This is a fantastic way to increase your social media following.


Free Blogger Event Sign Ups.
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      Need bloggers to join your giveaway event to help promote?

      We will help spread the word.

        Barter or Pay.

      Option 1

      In exchange for promoting please, add 4 of our social media links on your Entry Form.



      • Review of your submission within two-three business days.
      •  Shares on various social media outlets. Such as . . .  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedn, Digg, Triberr, Tumblur, BlogFrog, Pinterest, LoveIt upon event posting.


      Option 2 

      Pay: We are open to PayPal, Amazon, Most gift cards & Free coupons.

      * Event subject to approval before, any promotion.


      Submit an Event

      This must be an event that you're hosting or co-hosting.
       Remember, it can take up to two-three business days to see your listing once approved.

      Please, show your support!

      This form is for bloggers looking for other bloggers to sign up for their upcoming group events.

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