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Blogger Math + Domain Authority + Pay Per Post | Rate Card

Blogger Math for Sponsored Post

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How influential are you?
 I receive emails daily asking for promotion. 
My reply: 

Dear (Company Name):

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the information you provided regarding (Company Name). After, reviewing, I became even more excited about the proposal and consideration of  partnering with NaturalHairLatina/GiveawayExpress 

We custom each promotional package for potential sponsors. You can choose how you would want to participate in the event and how you would like to help make consumers aware of your company or service.

No, text link placement or press releases allowed

Have an affiliate program? 
Want social shares?

*A fee is required before the start of all campaigns
Media Kit available upon request.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


 How Much Should I Charge for a Sponsored Post?

Know Your Blog Worth!
  Question: Can you go into a Marketing/Advertising agency and ask for free service?  
Do blogger math to help with sponsored post price quotes.
Please, note I use this to adjust fees for my blog(s) and you will come up with a different calculation. Also, my relationship with brand is taken into consideration and if the product or service would be a good fit for my readers.

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Sponsored Post Math: (ESTIMATE)

Monthly page views + Twitter followers = (total) 
Then, I divide (total) by Page rank
Next,  by *two or *four = Estimated Fee

 *2-Affiliate program
*4-NO affiliate Program


1. Monthly Page Views (26,143) + Twitter Followers (14,866) = Total (41,109) * Page Rank (3) = 123027 * .01 * 2 = $2460.54 Take first three numbers and  (Estimate) = $250

2. Monthly Page Views (26,143) + Twitter Followers (14,866) = Total (41,109) * Page Rank (3) = 123027 * .01* 4 = $4921.08 Take first three numbers and (ESTIMATE) = $492

Get Paid to Host Giveaways

I look at the scope of the job request and adjust fees accordingly.
Next, I customize 3 promotional packages that range from $50 to estimated total $250 or $490. Then, I send non obligatory quotes to company. Company select the package to suit needs. Once package and fee are agreed upon, I write up an agreement form with photo release and sample of disclosure.  Company sign and send payment. 
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Final Step: Complete task within deadline and send proof of work performed. Also, send a thank you note to sponsor to show appreciation.

Also, you can use Domain Authority to calculate. 

Compensation Offered
Based on your site's Domain Authority (DA) you will get paid as follows:
DA 30-39    $70
DA 40-49    $90
DA 50-59    $120
DA 60+       $150


Dom.Auth.Url I can charge $70 per post I can charge $150+ per post

Pay Per Post
Pay Per Post - Rate Card

-Start an affiliate program to drive more traffic to your brand
-We have the tools to help content creators and sellers of goods easily post and measure their visual content onto social media sites

Moral of the story: Stop working for free! Take your time and build a working relationship with brands.

  •  Social bookmark or social share
  • Use No Follow for Sponsored Post
  • Know about (TOS) on popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedn Instagram and  Pinterest.
  • Are you in compliance with Disclosure/(FTC) rules and regulations?
  • Ping! 
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