Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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  KiteReaders is a multi-award winning digital publisher of children’s books. With over 100 titles and 30 best sellers across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks, KiteReaders aims to provide quality content for children and their families and increase literacy around the world.

 18+ Us only

 Gumdrop Kindle Fire Case (Valued at $49.99): 1 Winner
iPad Smart Cover (Valued at $39.99): 2 Winners
iGuy iPad Case (Valued at $39.95): 2 Winners
Griffin Technology Cinema Seat (Valued at $24.99): 2 Winners
KaZoo MyPhones (Valued at $19.99): 2 Winners
Felix TwoHands Stand (Valued at $19.99): 2 Winners
Crayola Color Studio iMarker (Valued at $15.99): 2 Winners 
Marware UpSurge Speaker (Valued at $9.99): 2 Winners 

End: 10/6
KiteReaders Stylus (Valued at $5.99): All Winners!

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