Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#FileOnline | Get a start on your taxes right now!

Tips for running Tax offers this year!
You want to have a successful 2014 tax season. To help you succeed, here's a few
tips to keep in mind. 
1. People start preparing their taxes in December. Be ready for these early birds as
they will be looking for resources to help them file their taxes early, easily and
2. The majority of taxes are filed between January 17 and February 20. There's
typically a huge spike in tax preparation activity after people receive their W-2s. It's
important to be geared up early so you're links are in place directing to the right
pages to maximize benefits from the lion's share of tax filers.
3. Products for every audience. H&R Block has tax prep products for every tax
situation. Products are available in both online and software versions.

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