Monday, September 22, 2014

All About Portions and Meal Planning

The Balancing Act Of Weight Management

Open the Door of Healthy Living with Correct Portions and Meal Planning.

Healthy living is an art that can be experienced only when you know what to eat, how much to each, and how to plan your meals. If you are able to understand the correct portions and meal planning benefits, and to decide the same as well then your life will become healthy, disease free, and full of happiness. You will never put on extra weight too. 

Whereas portions and meal planning offers several benefits, you may not be the right person to judge how much to eat at home, when in a party, or when at a restaurant with friends. So, how to plan meals? 

You can plan your meals and portions in two ways

First – meet a dietician and ask for some suggesstions/help. The dietician may provide you with a chart, which you can easily follow for a few days and thereafter, you will be having an idea of meal planning for you and I would suggest eMeals.

Second – if you do not want to approach a dietician then the solution left is “Do it yourself.” As per a general rule, we should eat more in breakfast and eat less in dinner. And, our plate should have a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as well. Another point to note is we must not eat if stomach does not give a signal. Even if the food is too tasty, do not eat if you are not getting a signal from your stomach.

The balancing act of weight management is easier said than done in my opinion. I could give you a list of reasons for being over weight, instead I will give you secret tools for weight management.

Tools for Weight Management

Meal Measure - Meal Measure - Portion Control on Your Plate - White (2 pack)

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JOKARI - 20-Piece Ultimate Healthy Steps Portion Control/Weight Loss Utensil Set

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