Sunday, January 4, 2015

"The New Hip Facebook - Tsu, Ello, MyLife, Bonzome and Bitlander"

Have you heard the chatter lately about all the new social networking sites? I have invites just for you.
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1. TSU
The social network that pays you to post.
By Invitation Only! Sign Up Now! Special Invite
No Blogs, No Leads? Don't Worry! 
Guidelines-  24 post per day share 8 posts per day You can only follow 1,000 people and have 5,000 friends You can only hold up to 50 Pending friend requests In a single post you can only use 10 @ mentions In a single post you can only use 10 # hashtags

2. Ello 
Ad Free Network 
By Invitation Only! Contact and request an invite
Subject: Ello Invite

3. MyLifeB 

5. Bitlander
Gaming features that pays users to utilize the system for social engagement and sharing.

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